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In our latest Dog’s Village initiative, we need people who care about the fate of animals as much as we do.


Become a resident ambassador in the Dog’s Village.
This is the person to whom we will lend a house in a given country.

– implementation of a dog care program (staying with the dog, including at least 3 walks),
– caring for a dog that will be socialized, visits to the doctor, to the “beauty salon”
– looking for a target family home for the dog,
– post-adoption control,
– keeping the house tidy and clean, as a showcase of the representing country,
– promoting the culture of the representing country.

The resident-ambassador will not bear any costs of maintaining the house (apart from the costs of maintaining order and cleanliness of both the house and the garden).

The resident ambassador will be able to work for another entity remotely or remotely in the house
run your own business in the village.


Become a guardian in the Dog’s Village. We need people for three functions that will help us keep our operations running smoothly and help animals at the highest level.

Technical and aesthetic supervisor of the village:
a person who takes care of the technical efficiency of the village’s equipment,
and about order and aesthetics

Social guardian:
a person who selects, takes care of and distributes dog food, leashes, collars, supervises the SPA, cosmetics, etc.

Behavioral manager:
a person who arranges and supervises a socialization program for dogs.
24/7 presence.

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