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We aim to increase adoption opportunities for homeless dogs by reaching out to those potentially interested in adoption.

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We support people interested in adoption, who for various reasons (especially sensitivity), are afraid of a visit, in a shelter. Going out with dogs to the park, in place of the Sunday walks of Wroclaw residents, casual contact and even a walk with a dog in need of a second home, a conversation with a volunteer dog handler, are important aspects of our initiative. But most importantly, is to overcome the fear of adopting a homeless dog. We help dogs who have lost their guardians, who have been found, or worse, harmed, taken away by intervention, and who have ended up in a shelter. But in our understanding, a shelter, even the best one, is not a home. Because a home for a dog is a person whom the dog trusted before it was born. We invite you to the park, we invite you to adopt.

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Walks with dogs from shelters.


We help you find a Second Home.


We teach how to take care of a dog and what it means to own a four-legged friend.

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