Opening of Second Home

On March 5, the first, inaugural edition of Second Home was held in Grabiszynski Park. It was
attended by 12 volunteers. It turned out that the disastrous weather did not prevent Wroclaw
residents from opening their hearts. As many as 6 shelter dogs found homes! Ares, Meryl, Deryl,
Cezar, Tofik and Forest.

Thanks to MPK for amazing trip! And to the City Greenery Board for making the park available.

From left-hand side: Magda, Martyna, Konrad, Tomek, Ola, Nikola, Ania, Dorota, Natalia, Władysław, Waldemar, Marzena, Tomek

The honorary volunteer of the first edition of the Second House was Władysław Frasyniuk – the icon of Solidarity and Honorary Citizen of Wrocław.