Third Edition (June)


Below are the doggies you will meet on Sunday, June 25 at 12 o’clock at the Wroclaw Pergola. As usual, the doggies will be uniformly dressed in turquoise scarves, and we, the volunteers, in celadon jackets or vests.Honorary Volunteer of the third edition of the Second Home is Yurii Tokar – Consul General ofUkraine! You are cordially invited!

After the event:

The third edition is behind us! On June 25th another meeting was held, during which we had the opportunity to meet our smaller brothers, looking for a second home. Thank you for supporting our initiative with your presence: Jacek Sutryk – Mayor of Wroclaw, Leszek Gas – Director of the Office of the European Parliament, Jakub Grudniewski – President of the Centennial Hall, and the incoming consuls of the Wroclaw Consular Corps. We also extend our thanks to the Municipal Transport Company , for the wonderful ride as usual. This time the Rescue Group.  

Honorowym Wolontariuszem trzeciej edycji został Yurii Tokar – Konsul Generalny Ukrainy


Lucky is a dog of dachshund type. He is about 2 years old. He is quiet, polite, listens to each other,
learns new things quickly, and loves to be petted and cuddled. He is a gentle dog who needs to be
touched with special care. From the character is a typical dachshund. He doesn’t bark or destroy,
but he doesn’t like to be left alone. Lucky was taken from a place where he was chained with a
short chain, without a kennel or any shelter.


A dog of the sheepdog type. Despite her many experiences, as evidenced by the scars on her body,
Ninka is a walking goodness, she is cheerful, trusting, and enthusiastic about people. She likes cats, children and loves to travel by car. She responds well to other dogs. She is very clean and quiet and rarely barks. She completely adapts to a human’s lifestyle, although she most enjoys spending time
with someone, especially “her” human. If it’s bedtime she sleeps through the night like a baby, ifallowed, she will lie down with her human, if not, she will sleep on her bed. She is a fan of walks
both shorter and longer ones. She beautifully performs the commands sit and lie down.


Mat is Shah’s brother. He will also undergo surgery to have his restore his sight restored partially
Adorable, affectionate, he loves to be stroked on his tummy. During walks he follows his brother,
but stays close to his guardian. Despite the appearance of “Gap”, he is very clever and fights for his
own. He has a big appetite and eagerly eats his portion and often his brother’s as well.


Puchacz is a white mutt resembling a poodle. It is impossible to pass by Pooh indifferently. He is a
veritable ball of energy on 4 paws! He is full of love for people and feels happy in their company,
he likes to be the center of attention and vie for it. He enthusiastically greets anyone who meets
him. His big brown eyes and snow-white coat will get everyone’s attention. He follows his human
on walks and is ready to play or train at any time.


Skorupka is a low-key mutt. She loves to run, but it is in “wrestling” that she would win Olympic gold. All 15 kg of her weight, are muscles, ready to forcibly stop any man who would give her “strokes”. Or “scratches.” Or combing. Skorupka is a typical girl who loves home treatments. She likes massages, even bathing, and she asks to be brushed herself. She is a non-invasive dog, has no problem staying home alone, rides quietly in the car and behaves culturally in the elevator.
An ideal dog for city life.



is a sizable mutt. He is absolutely unique! He was picked up from a real dog hell, where his
torturers tied his muzzle so tightly that the rope left him scarred forever. He was given no water
and practically no walks. Fortunately, his dramatic past is over and now only the beautiful things
await him! Every day, Worm discovers that man is no longer his abuser, but his best friend. He
finds himself best in nature, he directly loves to fetch. He enjoys spending time in the company of
humans and is very intelligent! He catches new tricks in a flash and loves training, so he is a great
candidate for learning dog sports. He can certainly be called the perfect dog!



is a terrier-type dog. Although she is still a puppy, she has already managed to feel the weight
of the chain on her delicate neck. The beginnings were hard, Eryka was afraid of her own shadow
and human touch. Now she is a brave dog, proudly walking and enjoying her new life. She loves
laughing in the sun and eating her favorite treats. He gets along with other dogs. He is a dog who
feels happy being on the move while finding himself on the couch under a blanket.


is about 6 months old. He came to the shelter with his brother as a tiny blind puppy. He will soon undergo an operation that will partially restore his vision. He is a volcano of energy. On walks he is always in front, very curious, brave, everywhere he goes. On the other hand, he very much
enjoys lying on the bed. He is a born culinary critic, from the bowl he chooses only the best.



Satyna is a 5 month old puppy. A daughter of a wonderful mother. A very sensible dog, but a born
volcano of energy. She comes from a large family, she has, as many as 6 siblings, so dog company is
a daily occurrence for her. She willingly shares food and toys with other dogs, and playing with her
brother or sister is super fun. However, when a human comes along, the siblings go into the mix, as
she loves humans above all else and is eagerly looking for her adoptive parents.


Jeans is a 5-month-old puppy. He comes from a large family, raised by a wonderful, wise and
gentle mommy. He is attentive to people, but also loves doggy company. He has wonderful white
socks on his paws. With his gaze he will delight anyone who looks at him. In return for a family
home, he will give his owner sincere love.